Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colour vs Monochrome - A question Of Interpretation

Whilst on a walk at Kenmo Lake with Cathy this morning, I was mesmerised by the green summer grass and foliage, emphasised by strong side lighting, in the forested areas. It got me thinking about colour vs b&w. Although rather "monochromatic" in its presentation, the original image relies heavily upon colour for it's impact - the trees being very much secondary in the overall scene.

The same (or similar scene) in black and white, however, is a different matter. Impact in monochrome requires a different approach  -  contrast and form! A square crop from the colour image (flipped horizontally) results in an entirely altered interpretation! To my mind the monochrome version has drama, mood and a certain tension not present in the former.
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Captured with Canon G10

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