Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paper Negatives

Paper negatives shot on my 5x7 pinhole camera.

Arista Grade II RC paper rated at 6 ISO and preflashed.
Exposures in the 50 to 90 second range.
Developed in highly diluted paper developer and alternating water bath.
Scanned on Scitex scanner and adjusted in Photoshop.


  1. Hi Lawrance - just found you, from your interview on Filmwasters. I too am a big fan of monochrome pinhole and historic processes. You can see some of my pinhole images on my blog at the moment.
    Loving your photos.
    When you say 'paper negatives' do you mean using photo paper directly in your pinhole camera instead of film? This is something I've been thinking about having a go at. The results look really good.

  2. Hi Sam. Thanks for the contact. I use a handbuilt 5x7 pinhole camera which accepts conventional sheet film holders. I use grade II photographic paper(at the very low ISO 6)which is developed in highly diluted paper developer. The resulting "negs" are then scanned and tweaked in PS.