Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Old Mill

I have just returned from a 1500km road trip to some of the more remote areas of the Eastern Cape and Free State. Some of the small towns along the way provided wonderful photographic opportunities and I'll certainly be revisiting them in the future. In many ways rural towns around the globe share much in common - young people moving to the cities in search of employment  - buildings falling into disrepair and a general air of neglect. One little gem was the hamlet of Westminster in the Eastern Free State. It's derelict rail siding, old houses and abandoned shops are the only reminder of a once thriving community.

A friend, and local farmer, arranged for a visit to an old mill on private property and what a find it turned out to be! Crafted from local stone, the mill ground corn which was transported by ox wagon to the Kimberley diamond fields in the early 1900's. Happily the current owner is lovingly restoring the building to it's former glory

Images captured on an 8x10 pinhole camera.
Arista paper negatives developed in highly diluted developer.

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